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The Value of Transparent Pricing in the Software Industry

When you type “price transparency” into a search engine, almost 90 percent of the returns will be related to healthcare price transparency — or the lack thereof. This isn’t altogether surprising, as the healthcare industry is famously opaque and affects nearly everyone in one way or another. However, if we compare software development and healthcare, we may find a number of similar problems associated with price transparency and the heavy negative effect lack of transparency can have on the level of service and its value.

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Iowa Caucus App: What Went Wrong, and What Should We Do about It Now?

In February, during the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses, usage of a mobile application called IowaReporterApp, which had been created to facilitate and speed up votes counting, resulted in a multi-day delay in final votes counting and affected the trustworthiness of the results.

The IowaReporterApp is a mobile application, built using React Native mobile application framework to facilitate its execution on both iOS and Android platforms. Anyone interested can check meta- information and signatures for the application in the VirusTotal database.

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Choosing a Software Development Model: Predictability vs. Velocity

Deciding on a software development model is one of the most critical and challenging decisions a company makes. New projects have such potential, and many project managers fear to squander that potential by choosing the wrong model to develop the software.

We’re going to cover how to choose the right software model for your project. But first, let’s review what a software development model is and what the options are.

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Software & Suits: Why Tailor-Made Isn’t Always the Best Choice

If your business is looking to add new software systems to its network, the first question to ask is whether to buy an “off-the-shelf” solution or contract with a vendor to build a custom platform. Custom software is a powerful advantage for many businesses, but it’s not the right choice for everybody. The same goes for off-the-shelf software — it’s not right for some companies, but for many, it’s the perfect fit. So, what’s the right move for your business? Consider the process of buying a suit

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Investment in Custom Software: Substantial Returns in the Long Run

When many business owners hear the term “custom software,” their first instinct is that it’s an exorbitant expense and a complex undertaking with little reward. Most assume that an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solution will do the trick and save some cash. But in reality, especially for large and rapidly growing businesses, that upfront investment in custom software will lead provide a better ROI and enable more long-term growth than a DIY network of off-the-shelf solutions. Because in reality, one size doesn’t fit all.

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The team is knowledgeable and professional at both a managerial and technical level. Syberry is very transparent and accessible, and they make communication easy.
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