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Predictive vs. Adaptive Development

When it comes to software development, selecting the right software model is just as critical as selecting the right vendor. Why is the model so important? A wise man once said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model is a critical component in planning a project.

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Risk Management in Software Development

Any project and its implementation are fraught with a wide variety of risks, and we can’t even predict all of them until we’re knee-deep in the project. In a perfect world, we’d be able to foresee and preemptively eliminate each of these risks. Unfortunately, that’s simply not possible, so the risk management includes evaluating and managing these obstacles as they arise. In software development as in business, probable threats can and should be managed.
At the moment, we’re more interested in what risk management means for software development.

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Making software development more predictable

Look up data on the success rate of software projects, and you’ll likely be unpleasantly surprised at how often they’re considered failures. There are many reasons software projects fail, from busting budgets to missing deadlines to failing to fulfill the clients’ goals. Whatever the ultimate reasons, the majority of those failures stem from the unpredictability inherent in software development.
We take a look at some of the causes of unpredictability in software development, and then we outline best practices to help manage that unpredictability and therefore make the project more successful.

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How much will my custom software application cost?

Your business has grown rapidly, and there’s no end in sight. You’re ready to create a more sophisticated set of processes to support scale, or maybe you’re looking to offer the market a new, unique, software-based service to go along with your existing offerings. Either way, first thing’s first: congratulations! Business is booming, and you should take a moment to celebrate that.
But after the celebration, I’ll bet I can guess the first question you have about your new software ventures: how much will the application cost?

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Keys to a successful project launch

Any activity, from mowing the lawn to writing software algorithms for a spaceship that goes to the stars, can be labelled with the same short but capacious term: a project. And whether the project will be successful or doomed to fail very much depends on how you prepare for the launch. After all, as we’ve all heard many times, preparation is the key to success.
Many books and articles have been written on the topic of project management, but in this article, I will highlight the three points I believe are most important.

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They were worth every dollar we invested in the project and look forward to a long working relationship with Syberry.
Blaine Bunting (CEO, Atlantic Firearms)
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Great development team, with a wide skillset. I've built several platforms with Syberry, and have had great results.
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Being new to software development Syberry has made the process very easy. They have hit all the deadlines and the product they have produced for me is first class.
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They have truly earned this 5 star review. I have worked with many developers over the years and Syberry has been the best by far.
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I can honestly say that Syberry has an impressive arsenal of talent that is ready to take your development needs to the next level.
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I'm always impressed by how well they understand our clients' needs and how their team adjusts accordingly.
Rudy Milkovic (Executive Director & Founder, Velikom Interational)
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The team is knowledgeable and professional at both a managerial and technical level. Syberry is very transparent and accessible, and they make communication easy.
Cory Kowal (VP of Products, THG Energy Solutions)
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I would highly recommend Syberry if you want your dreams to come true. I had envisioned an automated process over 10 years ago and Syberry was able to make that dream come true.
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