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Our clients are industry leaders, paving the way for better customer experiences, streamlined business operations, increased revenue, and a higher quality of life for their employees and clients. Take a look at some of these case studies that demonstrate how custom software powers innovation, because no matter what field you’re in today, the only constant is change.

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Electronic medical record

The healthcare industry’s traditional systems for tracking, storing, and analyzing patient data are broken. A single patient’s electronic health record can span more than 100 pages, and siloed, inaccessible data makes it nearly impossible for clinicians to leverage all the insights available to them in caring for their patients.
The solution uses Clinical to capture clinical insights from patients’ electronic health records to automate bottlenecks in the patient care workflows, including identification and enrollment of eligible patients, auto-generation of care plans, and automated compliance and billing, all while significantly reducing the burden on MDs.
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Electronic medical record

Campus Investment System

A leading oil company approached Syberry for support creating and launching an automated system to manage its “campus investment program,” tracking recruitment efforts and scholarship donations and supporting student development initiatives. This CIS system will optimize the community-involvement initiatives that make Syberry’s client an employer of choice.
Syberry has created a best-in-class solution using cutting-edge technologies and innovative application design, which sets it apart from all the competitors and offers an unrivaled user experience. The client had been managing university and community involvement manually, and the old-school system required a lot of manual intervention and extra time and effort.
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Campus Investment System

HR & Talent Recruitment Portal

A client requested Syberry’s assistance in creating an HR and recruitment portal that would connect skilled trade workers with employers looking to hire. The main thing the client needed was an implementation partner to develop and maintain the software platform and mobile app they had envisioned, which would use different user and transactional models to connect workers and employers.
The new techniques, practices and strategies we used are designed to help companies run their recruiting process more effectively. The platform highlights available workers with the skills required to do the jobs they need done. This allows employers to take on more projects by helping them find the skilled labor they need when they need it.
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HR & Talent Recruitment Portal

Healthcare System
Education Portal

Our customer is a department of a large US healthcare network which activities are focused in the field of healthcare learning and education. Their major activity was to organize the process of education and knowledge improvement of a middle personnel in healthcare, maintaining their certifications and overall qualification, as required by the law and infernal regulations of certain healthcare providers.
Syberry has created a user-friendly portal addressing all business challenges that our customer came across. New software application has effectively aligned with internal business processes of the customer, reducing costs and considerably increased the outcome in terms of educational and qualification purposes.
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Healthcare System<br> Education Portal
What our customers say about us
They were worth every dollar we invested in the project and look forward to a long working relationship with Syberry.
Blaine Bunting (CEO, Atlantic Firearms)
Great development team, with a wide skillset. I've built several platforms with Syberry, and have had great results.
Eric Fulkert (CEO, Campus Suite)
I don't think you could find a better company to manage and build your project. I get so many compliments on my application, and it has a lot of unique and complex development.
Todd Surber (Founder & CEO, PIXRIT)
Being new to software development Syberry has made the process very easy. They have hit all the deadlines and the product they have produced for me is first class.
Vince Hughes (Owner, Steel Estimating Solutions)
They have truly earned this 5 star review. I have worked with many developers over the years and Syberry has been the best by far.
Bill Fahy (Owner, FDI Creative Services)
I can honestly say that Syberry has an impressive arsenal of talent that is ready to take your development needs to the next level.
Ricardo Casas (CEO, Fahrenheit Marketing)
I'm always impressed by how well they understand our clients' needs and how their team adjusts accordingly.
Rudy Milkovic (Executive Director & Founder, Velikom Interational)
The team is knowledgeable and professional at both a managerial and technical level. Syberry is very transparent and accessible, and they make communication easy.
Cory Kowal (VP of Products, THG Energy Solutions)
I would highly recommend Syberry if you want your dreams to come true. I had envisioned an automated process over 10 years ago and Syberry was able to make that dream come true.
Bobby Burkholder (COO, Luchini & Mertz Land Surveying Co)

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