ERP solution for an electrical products supplier

Rewriting this client’s legacy ERP system allowed the company to stay the market leader.

Tech stack/tools we used: .NET, Java, PHP

ERP solution for a Wholesale operator
Our workERP solution for an electrical products supplier


Global electrical products and services provider

A global provider of high-quality electrical products and services for the industrial and commercial markets sought Syberry’s help to implement a gradual replacement of its existing ERP system. The company needed to modernize its legacy proprietary tools to maintain its top market position.


Legacy ERP system undermines business efficiency

The client’s legacy ERP system, based on outdated proprietary tools, was becoming a bottleneck in their operations. The system lacked flexibility, was difficult to upgrade, and posed significant risks to business continuity. The client needed a modern solution to retain the valuable features of the legacy system while addressing technical inefficiencies and preparing for future growth.


Custom ERP application covering all business processes

Syberry's business analysts worked closely with the client's representatives to document and optimize over 100 business processes and more than 1000 business activities. As a result, we developed a comprehensive, modular ERP solution for the business.

The new system retained the strengths of the legacy application and introduced several enhancements. For example, it leveraged open-source technologies to eliminate license fees and reduce total cost of ownership while ensuring scalability and ease of future upgrades.

In addition, the application integrated with third-party systems, including payroll, accounting, and HR systems, and offered improved order processing and customer relationship management.

Finally, the modern, attractive interface simplified user interactions and increased efficiency.

Challenge #1

Data migration

Migrating decades of data from the old system to the new one was complex. Syberry ensured error-free data transfer by thoroughly planning and validating each step, maintaining data integrity throughout the process.

Challenge #2

Business process documentation

Many of the client's business processes were undocumented or outdated. Syberry's analysts worked closely with the client to document and optimize these processes, using modern business process modeling methodologies.

Challenge #3

System integration

Integrating the new ERP system with existing third-party systems required careful coordination. We ensured smooth connectivity with the client's payroll, accounting, and HR systems, as well as external services.

Key features

  • Material management system (MMS)

    The MMS and its client portal streamlined material tracking and inventory management and optimized the management of construction materials. This helped to ensure timely availability and accurate tracking.

  • E-commerce web application

    The functionality facilitated online sales and customer interactions, expanding the client’s market reach and improving customer service.

  • Auto pricing information (APX)

    The APX system automated price updates and ensured accurate pricing information across all platforms, enhancing sales efficiency.


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