ERP system for a plumbing business

Discover how a custom ERP solution made this company stand out from competitors.

Tech stack/tools we used: Java, Spring, ReactJS, AWS

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Our workERP system for a plumbing business


Plumbing business seeking an updated ERP solution

A US-based plumbing company that services new building complexes and supports existing buildings aimed to streamline their business processes. Their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution was a patchwork of a custom legacy system, Excel and PDF files, and off-the-shelf systems. The client approached Syberry to consolidate and rewrite their system into a unified, custom ERP solution.


Legacy ERP system became an operational obstacle

The fragmented ERP solution posed significant challenges in data management and operational efficiency. The disparate components often led to data inconsistency and loss. Furthermore, the reliance on off-the-shelf solutions limited the company’s ability to add desired features, undermining their operational capabilities.


Custom application covering all business processes

Syberry developed a comprehensive custom ERP solution to integrate all business processes seamlessly. The project was divided into multiple sub-teams, who worked collaboratively to deliver the MVP within a few months, allowing the client to phase out the old system. Post-MVP, additional functionalities were integrated to support production, sales, and HR processes.

Sales automation. The new system automated lead generation, invoicing, report generation, and opportunity bidding. Complex algorithms replaced manual estimations to accurately calculate project costs and client pricing. These algorithms considered factors like labor, resources, and risk, providing precise and efficient cost assessments.

HR management. For HR, the system automated onboarding, PTO requests, dismissals, and resource management, streamlining employee management processes.

Accounting automation. All accounting processes, including payroll and vendor payments, were fully automated, ensuring accuracy and compliance.


Product that differentiates the business from competitors

Challenge #1

Migrating data

Migrating data from the old system, which contained 20 years of records, to the new application was a critical challenge. Syberry ensured a meticulous data migration process, preserving data integrity and providing the client with access to an archived data version during the transition.

Challenge #2

Building a progressive web application (PWA)

The client required a web application that remained functional during power outages. Syberry addressed this by developing a PWA, a web-based application that operates offline using a service worker. This technology ensures continuous availability, similar to applications like Spotify or Google Maps.

Key features

  • AI-Powered user support

    The system incorporates AI to assist with inventory forecasting, financial predictions, and customer support, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

  • Tenant-based system for white-labeling

    To enable the client to market the system to other companies, Syberry implemented a multi-tenant system infrastructure. This feature allows multiple companies to use the system while ensuring data privacy and security for all users.

  • Project management and task management system

    The system includes an advanced project management module that assigns tasks, monitors progress, and manages schedules. This feature enhances task allocation and tracking, supporting efficient project execution and dispatching.


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