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  • GoodFirms interviewed Syberry on what the company has done for becoming good to great

GoodFirms interviewed Syberry on what the company has done for becoming good to great

Timour Procopovich, the CEO of Syberry Corp, Impresses GoodFirms Research Team in a Conscientious Interview

Published on21 Aug 2019
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GoodFirms recently interviewed the ambitious and agile CEO of Syberry Corp Timour Procopovich. The interview basically was carried out as Syberry Corp caught the attention of the researchers at GoodFirms for its extraordinary services in software development and testing. The interview helped the researchers to get insights on what the company has done for becoming Good to Great. Here are some important insights to it.

Stating Syberry as a custom software engineering services organization, he moves ahead describing his role in the company. He mentions that his role in the firm is building a coalition of a professional team, engineering culture, technology, and hale processes to render the most desirable assistance to their clients. Sharing about the main idea behind establishing such an organization, he comments that with the aim of building a true engineering organization and providing value to clients in the form of managed services instead of just software development, their goal is to constantly update their practices in every field of software engineering up to the tip when they become beneficial indeed outside of the company for the industry overall.

Moving ahead with the discussion, the talk takes a turn towards the services the firm provides. Software development services offered by Syberry Corp is highly regarded. Timour adduces the objectives and parameters they keep in mind while developing software. It not only includes non-functional constraints like compliances, performance, security, etc. but also Identified risks. He even talks about the average time they take while developing the frontend and backend of software. Their efforts have become adorably fruitful with their name appended among the top software development companies globally on the platform of GoodFirms.

Along with this, the firm is also an expert in software testing services. With quality as their core value, they provide high-quality testing services. Their testing services include functionality testing, usability testing, security testing, and compatibility testing.

In addition to these points, the interview even includes the prospects of cost, their approach, their business model and whatnot. To get detailed of Syberry, have a quick read of the full Interview of Timour Procopovich with GoodFirms team.

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