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Syberry Corporation & Seton Hall Prep Partner to Support Frontline Workers During COVID-19

Published on13 Apr 2020


Austin, Texas — In conjunction with a STEM class from New Jersey’s Seton Hall Preparatory School, Syberry Corporation is launching a new web initiative to provide a central hub to match the urgent needs of COVID-19 frontline workers with individuals able to donate resources.

Under the guidance of their teacher, David Snyder, students in Seton Hall Prep’s STEM class have decided to step up in a big way to support the medical community during COVID-19. Their vision for CovidResourcesNetwork.org is to create one centralized, online portal where members of the medical community — including healthcare workers, police and fire departments, funeral homes, nursing homes, and more — can list their needs and connect with individuals and small businesses who can help fulfill those needs.

"We saw all these really heartwarming stories going on, but everything seemed sort of randomized," said Snyder in an interview with Fox News NY.

"What the students saw was really a need to put all of those needs in one location so that the public could go to one spot and really see those needs and get them there as soon as they possibly could."

Realizing the work required to bring this vision to life in a clean, functional, efficient way, Snyder and his class reached out to Syberry for help, and the team was happy to lend a hand. "We were inspired by the initiative these students were taking in finding a way to support the countless medical professionals battling this pandemic," says Syberry Executive Vice-President Timour Procopovich. "COVID-19 is a unique threat in that it’s affected every single person on Earth in some way, and anything we can do to have some sort of impact — to bring people together in some way during these unprecedented times — is well worth the effort."

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