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Which Industries Can Benefit from Custom Software?

Published on29 Jun 2020
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Is a custom software application right for your industry? Could a mobile app or a custom ERP system be a true competitive advantage, or these simply “nice to have” luxuries? The way we see it, many industries can benefit from custom software, as long the companies purchasing it are clear on their goals: the business problems they want their investment to solve, or the opportunities they want to take advantage of. To that end, before we talk about specific industries, let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons companies have for investing in custom software.

  • They want to open up a new sales channel. Custom sales and marketing software can help companies reach their audiences — and new audiences — in innovative and effective ways, such as sending push notifications sharing information on special offers, promotions, and sales, constantly reminding clients about the business and motivating them to make purchases.
  • They want to increase sales, and, consequently, profits. This results from the abovementioned point. Who would say no to a special offer on their favorite product when they are reminded about it via a notification on their phone, with pictures, links to order on line, and directions to the nearest stores?
  • They want to increase customer loyalty. Customer-focused marketing and sales applications can help clients feel special and connected to modern brands. As a result, their confidence in and loyalty to their favorite brands increase.
  • They want to expand their brands. Custom applications can be created to build brand recognition, introduce new audiences to the business, and even expand into different geographical markets. In this sense, a custom app is an effective brand promotional tool.
  • They want to attract and retain audiences. When clients clients recommend their favorite brands’ apps to their friends and acquaintances, that word of mouth grows the client roster significantly. By sending out up-to-date and useful information, businesses can hold their audiences’ interest and encourage them to come back to buy goods or services.
  • They want to optimize business processes: Many brands use custom software to manage your employees, streamline work processes, increase productivity, and automate tedious, error-prone tasks. They want to get ahead
  • They want to get ahead of their competitors. The value — both to clients and to internal operations — that a well-designed custom app can provide gives business significant competitive advantages by enabling them to better anticipate and meet customer needs.
  • They want to streamline their operations. Many companies struggle to integrate the various systems they use to power their businesses, such as the CRM, the accounting system, the order processing system, etc. Custom systems, however, can be designed to work together seamlessly, making back- office processes more efficient and improving the customer experience.

So, how are various industries using custom software solutions to achieve these goals?

HealthcareHealthcare is a complex industry, with a lot of factors to consider. First of all, it’s such a vast industry, that software needs may vary greatly from business to business. There are compliance regulations to consider, as the industry works with sensitive data. Then there are region-specific particularities, rules, and regulations, as well as branches of the industry that spur off to other industries, such as education, beauty, cosmetology, and many more. Because of this complexity and the dramatic variation in needs from business to business and region to region, it’s nearly impossible to find one-size-fits-all, or off-the-shelf solutions. The highly unique and regulated nature of healthcare industry makes tailor-made applications an attractive option.

BusinessesThe breadth of this industry means plenty of reasons to go for custom software solutions: the ability to create form reports tailored to the unique needs of a particular niche, the need to view and interpret data (client satisfaction, level of success of certain products or departments) to improve the decision making and help model the business strategy, the power to connect with the target audience in meaningful ways, and so much more.

FinTechFrom providing industry trends and up-to-date statistics for users, to protecting financial data, to allowing convenient payments with a couple of clicks, there are plenty of reasons fintech companies might want to invest in custom apps targeted at the client experience or internal operations. Streamlined processes and reliable platforms with complete transparency have many powerful benefits. The tech-savvy digital audience will definitely appreciate a user-friendly app with great functionality and modern design.

EntertainmentToday’s consumers are accustomed to accessing whatever content they want with the click of a button, and competition is fierce. Entertainment companies turn to custom software to go above and beyond audience demands, wowing them with flashy designs and other innovative features that help them stand out from the competition.

Real EstateReal estate companies are leveraging custom software to keep their tenants happy, optimize the process of building one-of-a-kind homes, and more. The real estate industry is rife with processes, components, and people that need to come together smoothly and effectively in order to build a house, complete a sale, or manage a property. Real estate companies need solutions that will not only account for all of these moving pieces but will also simplify internal processes and make the clients’ experience as easy as possible.

These are just a few of the examples we see most frequently in our work. But truly, whatever the industry, it’s likely there is a business problem that custom software can solve. If your organization is wondering whether a custom application is the right choice for your business, we’d love to talk about your needs and how tailor-made software can help.

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