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Frequently asked questions

Who are you?

Syberry is a software engineering company with a team of 250 people working from offices in the United States, Poland, and Belarus. We work with clients from the United States in various domains. We believe that combining efficient processes with top talented employees will allow us to achieve our long-term goals. That’s why we continuously invest at least 10 percent of our resources into process development and improvement.

What makes Syberry different from other companies?

Our main difference is our ultimate goal, which serves as the reason for our company's existence and the inspiration for our work: We want to advance the software engineering industry to make it more beneficial for the humanity We have a clear vision of how an ideal software engineering company should function in the future, and we have created a roadmap to get there. The top managers at Syberry are intelligent and enthusiastic engineers who are a pleasure to work with. You can learn more about them by watching the interview with our CTO.

How can I understand whether I would fit in with Syberry’s culture?

Our main value, which we use as the basis for our culture, is a willingness to help the customer We are committed to cultivating our culture, and we apply it in all our people-related processes. We promote those who sincerely support and spread the culture of helping the customer first and foremost, and we do not hire people who do not align with our values. If you are passionate about engineering solutions that help customers achieve their goals and resolve their issues, we are the right fit for you.

What is your salary level? And how about benefits?

Our salaries are competitive with current market standards. We ensure our employees are compensated fairly by regularly adjusting their salaries based on the current market rates. We also pay our employees above the market if they actively support our culture and contribute to the achievement of our goal. Our benefits program includes health insurance, paid sick days, compensation for sports and training activities, and a defined career development process with the support of a dedicated resource manager.

Is remote work possible?

Yes, it is. You have the option to work in an office, remotely, or in a hybrid mode. If you choose to work remotely, we may want to meet you in person when you’re signing the employment contract. After that, you can work from any location as long as you do not violate the laws of either the country where you are employed or the country where you reside

What is the work schedule?

The workday for Syberry employees typically starts between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. and lasts for eight hours. Variations from the standard schedule can be made with the approval of the team and the manager. Our processes are based on a 40-hour workweek, but slight deviations in both directions can be made if all parties agree. Any overtime is compensated at the standard rate

What's the hiring process like?

The hiring process includes two interviews: a technical interview with an engineer and, if successful, another interview with an HR specialist. For certain candidates, additional steps such as a pre-screening interview with an engineer, a testing task, or a conversation with top management may be required. We make an effort to provide feedback and a decision to 95 percent of candidates within several days—and all candidates within two weeks—of their application.

How does the trial period go?

The trial period lasts for one to three months. At the end of each month, a resource manager conducts a review and decides whether the trial should be completed or extended for another month. The review evaluates both technical skills and factors such as culture alignment, quality, productivity, and compliance with the company's processes.

What else are you good at?

According to the results of an internal survey, our employees appreciate the following about working with us:

  1. A culture that values clear processes and encourages employee input and participation.
  2. A team that values efficiency and high-quality results.
  3. Plenty of opportunities for rapid career growth.
  4. Diverse projects spanning industries such as healthcare, energy, real estate, finance, and analytics.
  5. A wide range of technologies, languages, and frameworks, making it a great place for true engineers.
  6. A high level of trust, as we do not record our employees’ screens or track their computer usage.

OK, what's not to like?

Here are a few things that you might not like about working with our company:

  1. We value productivity and believe that meaningful work leads to greater satisfaction. Therefore, if your career strategy is to put in minimal effort, our company may not be the best fit for you.
  2. We require our employees to report their time. As engineers, we use data to improve our company’s processes, and the effort put into work is valuable data. We aim to make this process as comfortable as possible, but some candidates may find it a disincentive.
  3. We have a strong culture of prioritizing the customer needs. Sometimes this may require making difficult choices and potentially sacrificing personal interests for the sake of helping the customer.