Bilingual learning platform

With Syberry’s help, this client launched a successful multilingual learning platform, driving user engagement and growth.

Tech stack/tools we used: PHP, Symfony, MySQL

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Our workBilingual learning platform


Our client wanted to develop a learning platform that would give subscribers access to trainings in a variety of subjects, from economics and finance to design to IT to leadership and personal development. The trainings, all available in both English and Arabic, would be broken down into “bite-sized” text and video modules that would enable users to complete the lessons on their own time. The courses would be available on web and mobile devices (both iOS and Android), and the lessons, media resources, and assessments would be completely self-contained within the platform, with no external links.

The company hired Syberry to bring their vision of an innovative, user-friendly learning platform to life.


Our client knows that different people learn in different ways, so they wanted to be able to offer a broad range of content in video, audio, and text forms, enabling users to learn what, how, and when they want. Their objectives for the platform included the following features:

  • Compressed and summarized format

  • In-video quizzes

  • Versatile delivery

  • Relevance

  • Skill-based training

  • High-value content

  • On-the-go learning

  • Certificates of completion

  • A dynamic library

  • Real-time monitoring and dashboards

  • Corporate subscriptions


Our client was envisioning a highly sophisticated platform, with in-platform multimedia offerings, interactive experiences, dynamic content, and real-time updates for users. In addition, the dual-language support and the variety of subscription levels (free trial, six-month, twelve-month, individual, corporate, etc.) meant there would be complex account-management requirements as well.

To begin the project, a group of technical experts and business analysts from Syberry worked in close collaboration with the client to learn about the nuances of their industry and their goals so we could tailor this new platform to best serve their ideal customers.

Through a series of meetings with our client and our world-class engineers, analysts, and UI/UX experts, we developed a platform that would incorporate all the required features into an attractive, user-friendly interface businesses could adopt to promote ongoing employee training, upskilling, and engagement.


The result is a web- and mobile-friendly learning experience platform that hosts training materials with users’ diverse interests, needs, and learning preferences in mind.

The rich user experience keeps learners engaged by making access and navigation simple, featuring Arabic or English options, elastic search, variable subscriptions (including a free option), user-interest-based course sorting, simple payment and sign-in options, notification preferences, favorites lists, and an archive of course history and certificates.

And on the administration side, platform managers are able to create and add internal, B2B, and B2C users and configure the system and content based on each client’s needs, with capabilities including order management, system notification customization, bulk content upload, learning package and webinar configuration, feedback processing, translation, FAQ generation, reporting, and marketing and website management.


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