Driving education platform

Transforming a desktop driving education platform into a web application to expand its reach.

Tech stack/tools we used: React, Swift, mongoDB, JSON

Our workDriving education platform


A driver’s education company had built a desktop application for adult drivers called “Advanced Driver.” The platform is designed to provide education service to improve their users’ driving skills and help them reduce the probability of car crashes and other incidents. The company’s training systems, of which Advanced Driver is one, are research-based, rooted in neurocognitive crash-avoidance training, and proven to reduce crash frequency by up to 49 percent, bodily injury by as much as 51 percent, and traffic violations by up to 67 percent.


The company wanted to convert the desktop software to a web-based application that would support the same functionality — including text and video lessons, quizzes, and simulations — but provide access to a broader audience and enable users to access the system from any device.

Syberry had recently helped the company make this desktop-to-web transition for its teen driver’s education program, and they reached out to us to do the same for Advanced Driver.


The core codebase and solutions were inherited from the TeenSmart application that Syberry had developed during the first stage of the client’s system update. So while the foundation of support for various content types was already in place, there were several features unique to Advanced Driver, including significant design changes as well as mechanisms for updating XML file structures and ensuring app security through user authentication and authorization


Ultimately, we developed a monolithic solution similar to the TeenSmart app — a single-page application built for flexibility, high-quality performance, and an intuitive user experience.

The system supports streaming synchronous video and audio, a UI component for arrows and other visual elements, a text component for subtitles and help text, a canvas for rendering clickable zones (such as for road hazard identification), and an errors component to identify incorrect clicks.

Just like the desktop version, the web application offers licensed adult drivers a self-paced program with a variety of learning experiences through an immersive, easy-to-use platform.


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