Web application for trading cars

Explore how we helped a car enthusiast turn his dream into reality.

Tech stack/tools we used: Node.js, React, TypeScript, MySQL, AWS, Quickblox, Mailchimp, Ekata, Stripe, Google Maps, AutoCheck, Carfax, HubSpot

Web application for trading cars
Our workWeb application for trading cars


Car industry enthusiast decided to turn his idea into reality

An entrepreneur with a passion for cars approached Syberry with a startup concept—an online platform facilitating used car trade through an auction system. Recognizing the potential, the client sought Syberry's assistance in turning this vision into reality.


Platform required numerous integrations for a smooth user experience

The client envisioned a web application where users could trade their used cars, creating an efficient and transparent marketplace. The challenge was to develop a platform that allows users to trade cars at online auctions seamlessly.


Custom platform that supports online auctions

Syberry crafted a web application tailored for bidding on used cars, offering a user-friendly interface for both sellers and buyers. Sellers initiate the auction by filling out an application form, uploading car images, and utilizing a built-in market price calculator. The auction process allows potential buyers to bid on the car, with the highest bidder gaining access to a private chat for negotiation.

To enhance the user experience, we implemented additional services, including car inspection, purchase warranty, and detailed reports on the car's legal history—covering any accidents or illicit activities. The entire transaction, from negotiation to payment, is seamlessly integrated into the application.


Software that helps cars find their second home

Key features

  • Car price calculator

    The tool estimates the market price of a car based on comprehensive database analysis.

  • User verification

    Integrating the application with Ekata allowed us to verify buyers’ credit score before letting them use the platform. This helped to prevent scammers from accessing the auction.

  • Legal history verification for auctioned cars

    Integrations with AutoCheck and CarFax allowed system users to learn the comprehensive legal history of cars before making a purchase.

  • Admin panel

    A centralized hub provides our client with oversight on all activities, car transactions, and additional service requests.

  • SSO authentication

    We integrated the application with the main social media platforms to ensure quick login experience for the users.


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