CRM system for a car reseller

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Tech stack/tools we used: Windows Server, Google Cloud, PHP, SuiteCRM, MySQL, jquery, Laravel, SASS, Kelley Blue Book, CarWiser, KoolReport, Manheim

CRM system for a car reseller
Our workCRM system for a car reseller


Major car reseller looking to update their CRM system

A major car reseller used an open-source customer relationship management (CRM) system to process their leads. Together with another software engineering vendor, they added custom functionality and integrated the CRM with their lead generation website.


Low-performing app slowed down business operations

The client turned to Syberry to improve the system's performance and develop additional functionality for their CRM and website. Their goal was to automate steps in the sales process, making their business more efficient.


Custom solution that automates the sales process

In several months, we drastically improved the system's performance by updating the CRM’s core and refactoring the most problematic parts of the code. We also developed new functionality and automated the entire second-hand car acquisition process, from website form submission to contract signing.

Now, the client’s sales managers can use the system for the entire workflow. To acquire clients, they generate and send affiliate links to potential clients and partners. When managers receive lead forms inside the CRM, the information is always standardized, even if the request was submitted on a third-party website. To contact the customer, managers no longer have to call or leave voicemails; email, text message, and voicemail generation is automated. When managers contact the client, they negotiate the price, close the deal, and sign the contract, which is then stored in the system.


Growing business supported by reliable software

Key features

  • Affiliate dashboard

    All sales managers and business partners, such as car dealerships and online influencers, receive a percentage of their deals. The system allows for the generation of individual affiliate links for everyone who needs them. If a client follows the link and closes the deal, a manager or a partner receives a commission.

    In edge cases, such as when the affiliate link is used many months after being generated, or when the client comes in both directly and through the affiliate link, the system adjusts the commission amount accordingly.

  • Integrations with car price estimation tools

    Users looking to sell their cars can view their approximate car price instantly with an online price estimation tool we built. Integrated with several car price databases such as Manheim and Kelley Blue Book, the tool shows users an estimation based on custom settings chosen by our client in the admin panel. For example, they can define the desired margin and specify which cars will be unacceptable.

  • Performance optimization

    By updating the system’s core to a newer version and partially refactoring the system, we optimized performance significantly. For some workflows, performance speed improved from several minutes to 1–2 seconds.


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