Education portal for a healthcare provider

Discover how this healthcare provider switched to a brand-new healthcare education platform.

Tech stack/tools we used: PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Debian, Redis, Articulate Storyline 360, Topyx LMS, HTML5

Our workEducation portal for a healthcare provider


Healthcare provider looking to update their education portal

A major healthcare network consisting of clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies across the US sought to update their education portal. They previously used a popular off-the-shelf system for their employees’ professional education. Nurses and doctors took online courses, while administrators monitored their learning progress.


Outdated and rigid off-the-shelf solution

The off-the-shelf system used by the client for years accumulated several significant issues. Firstly, its overcomplicated, hard-to-navigate UI/UX slowed down employees’ learning. New platform users required extensive onboarding and support just to be able to use the platform. Additionally, the system used Flash technology, which was not compatible with emerging HTML5 standards, further diminishing the user experience.

Secondly, the off-the-shelf system only allowed administrators to view binary education statuses, for example, whether an employee had or had not finished a course. If administrators needed more data, they had to ask the employees themselves.


Custom web portal that made learning easy

The web-based learning platform we built for the client fully addressed their concerns. The new system preserved all the functionality of the off-the-shelf application, such as user authentication, course management, administration, and SCORM-compliant learning. In addition, it provided users with an intuitive UI and allowed administrators to dynamically monitor employees’ progress.

The custom platform offered a comprehensive learning experience with articles, videos, video transcripts, playlists, education calendars, notes, and certificates. Furthermore, it gave company management full freedom to customize and scale the system as needed.

Challenge #1

Ensuring UI/UX continuity

Instead of onboarding thousands of users to a brand-new system, we ensured that initially, the new application’s UI/UX resembled the off-the-shelf system our client’s employees had used for years. This allowed us to gradually implement changes without disrupting ongoing learning.

Challenge #2

Migration of learning progress to the new system

Professional education is hard work, and we did not want any of the users’ learning progress to go to waste. We migrated all historical data from the off-the-shelf system to the new app so that employees could seamlessly continue their education.

Key features

  • Learning reports

    System administrators gained access to detailed learning reports, including the percentage of course completion, student notes, and any evaluations passed by the employees.

  • Student notes

    Users could highlight important parts of educational videos, articles, or other content, write their notes, and return to these materials later.

  • Video transcripts

    We integrated the platform with a tool that transcribed our client’s educational videos with high precision, requiring no human effort.


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