Repository for medical test results

This HIPAA-compliant solution allowed the client to track and store their drug and alcohol testing results.

Tech stack/tools we used: AWS, PHP, Symfony, MySQL

Our workRepository for medical test results


A market leader in developing and providing drug- and alcohol-testing systems for businesses to use with employees and prospective hires was looking for help developing a web application that businesses could use to store and track employee testing results. Our client works with both private business and federal organizations, and they significantly reduce the time and cost of testing by providing on-site express test kits. This application would further streamline the process by providing a centralized hub for our client’s customers to use to store, verify, and track testing results.


Our client’s first goal in creating this application was to further simplify the user experience for its customers, providing them with a singular repository for employee drug- and alcohol-testing results.

Secondarily, our client wanted to create a platform it would eventually be able to sell as a white label SaaS solution for other, similar businesses.


The health and medical aspect of this application presented a couple of unique challenges:

First, the system would need to integrate with the primary clinical laboratories across the United States, as all positive test results must be confirmed by lab testing. When an employee’s on-site drug test is positive, the employer needed to be able to order the necessary lab test and receive the supporting results directly through the platform.

Second, since the platform does process clinical data, it was essential that both its transfer processes and storage solutions be HIPAA compliant to ensure the confidentiality of users’ proprietary medical information.


The Syberry team worked closely with our client to understand the nuances of their business and their software goals, and we created an easy-to-use platform that is both fully integrated with clinical labs and fully HIPAA compliant. Our custom solution has helped our client bring additional value to its customers, and down the road, it may also provide our client with an additional revenue source as a white label SaaS offering.


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