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Tech stack/tools we used: PHP, Knockout, Symfony, MySQL, PubMed, DailyMed

Our workDrug Reviews Automation Tool


This project was inspired by an aggressive trend of managed pharmacy insurers trying to contain the rising costs of drugs via formulary benefit designs and restrictions. Insurers are required to support pharmacy plan management by completing drug class reviews, and traditionally, that has been a tedious process requiring the manual collection and assembly of disparate information from numerous different online sources.

The main objective of the project was to create and maintain a subscription-based, efficient, and user-friendly web platform to facilitate and expedite the creation of health system drug class reviews.

The customer sought to create a web application that would effectively address critical needs and challenges associated with creating drug monographs and automate much of the process, saving countless hours for those who are tasked with performing drug or class reviews critical to evaluating current and new therapeutic options.

The target audience of the system includes clinical pharmacists and others who support or have an interest in the formulary decision processes in the US healthare industry, integrated delivery networks, hospitals, and medical groups. The key customers of the service are payer pharmacists, formulary decision makers (such as IDNs, ACOs, hospitals), pharmaceutical manufacturers (Managed Markets, Marketing, Medical), and pharmacy schools and students.

The customer entrusted the Syberry team with the challenging task of delivering a system that would provide users with a simple, fast, and intuitive experience, with time savings that would wow the user base and place this application ahead of the competition.


  • Business Analyst

  • 2 PHP Software Engineers

  • Lead Software Engineer

  • Project Manager

  • Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Quality Assurance Manager

  • 6900 hours of work


Syberry successfully developed and deployed a web-accessible, software-as-a-service application designed to provide stakeholders in formulary decision processes in the United States with a highly efficient, scalable, usable, and distributable monograph and formulary creation product by amalgamating disparate information from several sources into a single interface.

With just a few clicks, the new platform populates monographs with current and accurate content from reputable sources such as the NIH, PubMed, and the FDA, allowing clinical pharmacists to focus on the critical evaluation of drugs rather than monotonous data entry.

The solution implements a wide range of features:

  • Guides users through a series of easy-to-follow steps and ultimately delivers a drug class review customized to their professional judgment

  • Alerts users to new prescribing instructions and newly published studies that are relevant to their recent searches

  • Searches designated external websites for published research that can be reviewed & selected for inclusion in drug class review

  • Timestamps all research with web address and access date

  • Automatically populates selected studies into bibliographies for each review

  • Tracks all user behaviors and reports a broad range of user community patterns and preferences

  • Stores files by account for future retrieval

  • Generates a monthly report available to all users offering aggregated trend information about the reviews being conducted on the site

  • Maintains the proprietary nature of the drug class reviews created by subscribers

Currently, the Syberry team is working with the customer to plan and implement additional features that will expand the systemʼs functionality and align with modern trends and cutting-edge technologies.


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