Teeth whitening network

Explore how a simple app transformed the local teeth whitening industry.

Tech stack/tools we used: PHP, Redis, MySQL, Java, Objective-C

Our workTeeth whitening network


Startup aiming to connect clients with teeth whitening services

An entrepreneur approached Syberry with an idea to revolutionize the teeth whitening service industry across the United States. They wanted to create an application that would enable users to find and access the nearest teeth whitening providers. The goal was to build a large network connecting providers and clients, eliminating the need for individual providers to create their own websites to promote their services.


Varied client-acquisition tools used by teeth whitening service providers

Before our client’s application, the teeth whitening service market was disorganized. Clients had to use multiple sources to find and book a nearby provider, which required extensive time and effort to find a reputable service.


Intuitive platform for an easy user experience

The system we developed consisted of a web application for teeth whitening service providers and native iOS and Android applications for customers. For service providers, the application offered an effective way to reach relevant customers in their area, expanding their marketing channels without limitations. The system integrated with the service providers' existing booking systems, allowing them to continue using their own apps if they preferred.

For consumers, the application provided a convenient platform to find the nearest provider and book a service with just a few clicks. Users could read reviews about each provider, book appointments to avoid queues, and process payments through the app.

Key features

  • Payment processing

    The application integrated with a payment processing service to transfer funds from customers to teeth whitening service providers, earning a small commission for our client. Users could also purchase monthly teeth whitening subscriptions to access services regularly without extra payments.

  • Promocodes for service discounts

    Service providers could send discount codes to specific groups of users to attract new customers. For example, they could target users in their geographic area or those who viewed their profile but did not book a service.

  • Integrations with various tools used by service providers

    To allow consumers to book services through our client’s application, we integrated with each service provider’s booking system individually. Although this required significant effort, it ensured a seamless experience for both customers and service providers.


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