Updating legacy water management software

This well-established enterprise decided to get bold — and refactor their outdated custom software.

Tech stack/tools we used: Azure, SQL, .NET MAUI, Typescript, Xamarin, Angular, Electron, Node.js, SQLite

Big data processing platform
Our workUpdating legacy water management software


Established water management business with an ecosystem of custom software

With over 120 years in the market, our client’s water management business tests, treats, and controls water quality for thousands of U.S. businesses. They use a custom application ecosystem to streamline operations.

Inspectors use a desktop application to document water meter readings in the field, even offline, and sync the data when they return to the office. Marketing specialists utilize a separate desktop app to generate reports and proposals for prospective customers. On the user side, a web portal allows users to access their water meter readings, monitor water safety, and generate reports, with this data also available via an iOS app. All these applications are integrated to share the same data.


Refactored desktop application did not pass beta testing

After years of using the system, the client realized it had become outdated, slow, and riddled with critical defects, making it difficult to implement new features. They decided to refactor the system.

However, after several months of development with another vendor, the client was disappointed. Beta testing revealed critical defects and extremely low performance, making the app unusable for inspectors in the field as it slowed down work and lost user data.

The client then turned to Syberry to fix the critical bugs and deploy the application across the organization.


Fast-performing reliable application fully in use

After fixing the critical defects, we set up CI/CD and switched to weekly sprints for continuous improvements and fixes, beginning the refactoring process.

During refactoring, we found many suboptimal user flows that slowed down work, such as actions that took five clicks but could be done in two. We gradually resolved these issues, enhancing the user experience.

Using the cross-platform framework .NET MAUI for the client’s desktop application, we ensured easy adaptation for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS without repetitive full-scale development.

Over several months, we enhanced the user experience, optimized performance, eliminated critical bugs, and released the application to all users.



A traditional business with successful automation experience


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