Steel estimation solution

This steel estimation enterprise created the go-to platform for construction firms looking to estimate project costs.

Tech stack/tools we used: PHP, Symfony, MySQL, Apache, Debian, AWS

Our workSteel estimation solution


Steel estimation company with an idea for a new product

A leading developer of estimation solutions for steel construction companies, our client has been in the industry for over 40 years. Their first solution controlled about 8 percent of the market share. The client’s idea was to improve the product and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of estimations and bids for steel erection companies by leveraging the client’s deep industry knowledge.


Steel erection companies continue to use Excel for calculations

Steel construction companies traditionally perform estimations manually using simple tools like Excel spreadsheets or even paper, resulting in time-consuming and inconsistent processes. Despite our client’s previous system being an industry standard, there was a need for a more advanced solution to further streamline these processes and address the inefficiencies and inaccuracies inherent in manual estimations.


Application using 300+ formulas to instantly estimate construction costs

Syberry partnered with the client to develop a new web-based solution designed to optimize project estimation and management processes. This new system integrates the best practices from the client’s Excel-based system while introducing advanced features for real-time tracking, forecasting, and task assessment.

The system includes a company portal for managing company information, subscriptions, and notifications. The app’s estimating tool manages the entire bidding process, including labor and task configuration, equipment management, report generation, and project setup. The system also features a project management section with tracking tools, assignments, and a foreman interface for on-site work management.


The product transformed steel estimation process for hundreds of companies on the market

Challenge #1

Multileveled task management

Configuring the multileveled tiers of task importance and order demanded meticulous planning and sophisticated algorithms to ensure accurate tracking and prioritization of tasks.

Challenge #2

Complex configurations

Customizing the project’s configurations, such as tasks, equipment, and functions, required extensive collaboration with the client to ensure all industry-specific needs were met.

Challenge #3

Accessibility and file storage

Coordinating accessibility and file storage across different users and systems posed a significant challenge. We implemented a robust cloud-based solution to ensure quick access and secure file storage.

Key features

  • Real-time project monitoring

    Users can monitor project progress, costs, and schedules in real-time, providing immediate insights and enabling data-driven decision-making.

  • Mobile interface

    A mobile interface allows managers and workers to assess and report project parameters such as labor, equipment, and materials from the field, enhancing on-site efficiency.

  • Forecasting tools

    Powered by algorithms, these forecasting tools help project managers predict costs and schedules, allowing for better planning and resource allocation.

  • Comprehensive project reports

    The system generates detailed reports on task statuses, costs, and schedule forecasts, giving stakeholders a clear overview of project performance.

  • Scalable architecture

    Designed to accommodate future growth and evolving industry needs, the solution’s architecture is both flexible and secure.


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