Supporting an Ethical Compliance System Throughout its Acquisition

Supporting an Ethical Compliance System Throughout its Acquisition

  • Client

    A tech startup endeavored to help businesses ensure their ethical compliance

  • Problem

    For the business to grow, the application needed to scale up and speed up clients’ onboarding

  • Solution

    Effective software development processes that let the business land its dream clients


In 2017, two startup owners created a web application to help businesses ensure ethical compliance within their organizations. At first, they worked with a British software engineering company on the application. Together, they launched a multi-tenant app used by several loyal clients who appreciated the startup’s customer-first approach. When the British software engineering company went out of business in 2020, the startup chose Syberry as its vendor.

We accepted the task to scale the system, improve existing features, and customize the system for new clients.



Effective software development processes that let the business land its dream clients

While the application the previous vendor created was already high-quality, the owners strived to scale up the infrastructure and speed up the processes to be able to land clients of just about any size.


Self-sufficient data processing platform that can take on clients of any size

Not only did we help the startup acquire — and retain — dozens of clients over the last three years, but we also supported the client through its acquisition by the market’s leading ethical compliance organization. Fast forward a year after the acquisition, we remain the only technical team working on the product. The new owners spread our software engineering processes across their other teams.

Spreading processes

An enterprise used by Fortune 100 clients and acquired by the leading ethical compliance organization

The system supports



It takes

15 business days

to deliver an average feature

It takes

5 business days

on average to onboard a new client

The system is translated to



Swiftly onboard new clients

While smaller businesses can almost immediately use the system, big enterprises often need new features or the system’s customization before they let their employees join the app. They have requirements when it comes to the branding, the features’ functionality, or security standards. Despite this, enterprises need the system to function as soon as possible. In three years working on the project, we were able to perfect the onboarding process for a swift and smooth transition.

Customize the application for each client

One of the reasons so many enterprises started to use the product was the ability to completely customize the system as if it was in-house software. We often tailored all parts of the system to individual clients starting from the functionality to languages to colors of each button.

Scale up the system

To adapt the system to bigger clients, we scaled it up 10-100 times. For instance, the tool for conducting surveys now supports companies with 10,000+ employees. Swift scaling of this part of the application helped the startup retain those clients who considered the product’s competition.

Chart before Chart after

Key Features

Averting security risks

When we initially started working on the product, we noticed and fixed its security vulnerabilities. After that, the system successfully passed two security audits with minor comments.

Security schema

Seamlessly integrating the app with the clients’ systems

To make the clients’ employees feel like they are still using a system in their employers’ ecosystem, we integrated the app with the clients’ systems. The users were able to log in to the app through SSO-authentication, and the app immediately recognized their name, company, and employee ID. Even if the client did not have their own HRIS system for us to integrate with, we could get the necessary data through SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Ecosystem schema

Translating the app’s UI to employees’ native language

When it comes to ethics, it is much easier for users to communicate in their native language. For Fortune 100 clients, it was important to use one system for their employees around the world. We used an integration with Google Translate to duplicate the system in 20 different languages. For right to left languages like Arabic, we redesigned the system’s UI.

Languages schema
Java Spring
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