Sales management software for a mobile device reseller

Custom software let this client adapt to the changing market conditions and focus on business growth.

Tech stack/tools we used: PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, JavaScript, PayPal, UPS, FedEx, Trustpilot

Our workSales management software for a mobile device reseller


B2C trading business builds a sales management system

Our customer’s businesses facilitates the buying and selling of second-hand devices, and it was powered by a custom sales management system built by a freelance developer. Platform users would list and sell their second-hand devices to our client, who would then repair and resell them at a higher cost.



The original system wasn’t built to scale

As the number of transactions and device types increased, the business required a more reliable system along with additional features in order to meet users’ requests. With a single freelance developer unable to meet these demands efficiently, the client turned to Syberry to significantly enhance the existing application — and quickly.



Scalable, adaptable sales management system

After several years of active development, the system now supports tens of thousands of sales per year. This has enabled the client to spend less time on routine manual tasks and instead focus on scaling up their business and expanding their team.


Challenge #1

Integrating the system with legacy tools

One of the systems the client needed to integrate with was a legacy tool with outdated documentation and lack of developer support. Despite the obstacles, we stabilized the functionality influenced by the third-party integration and ensured that the software addressed the client’s needs

Challenge #2

Ensuring data security — for the business and its clients

For a system saturated with sensitive financial and personal information, we implemented simple yet effective solutions to ensure security in every bit of the system. For instance, when users receive their parcel stickers by email, the system sends them a secure link instead of a PDF file, double-checking the user’s credentials to avoid accidentally sending an email to the wrong person.

Secondly, a comprehensive access management system ensures that the business owner, employees, and the engineering team each have different levels of system access. The access tracker records which user accessed which part of the system and when, making it easy to monitor potential data leaks

Key features

  • Easily customized admin panel

    For a rapidly evolving business, the ability to quickly customize software is crucial. The admin panel we built for the system allows the business owner to change margin calculations and the very algorithms influencing profits. Rather than involving the engineering team and waiting for updates to be released, the client can make changes daily. This lets the business focus on implementing new features instead of customizing existing ones.

  • Parcel tracking and revenue forecast

    The client can track incoming user devices from all over the country within the system. The app uses algorithms to predict the arrival date for each parcel, which allows the client to forecast revenue and make informed business decisions.

  • Measures against suspicious sales

    As a service that results in user income, our client and his system are frequent targets for fraud. In addition to obvious security measures like data validation, we have implemented a mechanism that detects suspicious sales attempts and reports them for manual processing.

The outcome

Digital-first business goes offline to open its first office



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