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Syberry Is An IoT Software Development Company

Custom software connecting your business with future technologies

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As the world moves toward a more connected future, we're ready to help your business adapt and thrive. Our custom solutions enable cutting-edge cloud technologies, opening up a new world of revenue - creating possibilities. Syberry designs software to create a blue ocean of opportunities for your business with IoT.

You generate the idea;
we deliver it
It's time to rethink your strategy and get rid of old ways of doing business. By integrating your customers' real-world experiences with your new cloud-based services, Syberry will jumpstart your digital transformation.

Customer Success Stories

Mission Control Platform

The platform was created for law enforcement agencies as a simple and efficient tool to coordinate their efforts in real-time, using multiple sources of video.

The system features live streaming of 5 simultaneous video streams up to FullHD (1080p); access recorded video content; GPS data goes with a video-stream; various camera models are supported, the list can be expanded. The system features latency time below 150 ms.

Technologies: PHP, FFMpeg, Wowza, NodeJS, HTML/CSS/JS, C++ (Qt)
Healthcare System Education Portal
Utility Data
Management Platform
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