Being helpful to our customers

Our core value:

Being helpful to our customers

At Syberry, we believe that being helpful is a key component of organizational culture and, more specifically, a core value that defines the behavior we expect from all of our employees. It is a guiding principle that helps us make every decision, large or small.

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A core value is not something you say, but rather something you do, even when it is an inconvenient choice. Can you be a true professional without adhering to the core value? Maybe, but not at Syberry. We will decline to hire a person who is technically brilliant but unwilling to prioritize helping our customers. This may sound radical, but we may not succeed without it.

Our core value helps us align on how we behave at the very basic level, allowing us to focus on solving our customers’ challenges. This means we don’t waste time and resources debating what’s really important or how to prioritize things. We all know that the right choice is the choice that’s most helpful for our clients. This focus allows us to create better software faster, and ultimately help our customers succeed.

Helping our customers also means being truthful about the best technological path, even and especially when it can save our customers’ time and money. For that reason, we are 100% technology agnostic. We need the freedom to choose the best technology, without being incentivized in any form by potential technology partnerships or any other considerations.

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We enjoy being helpful.

This approach allows us to build long-lasting and successful relationships, with both our customers and our employees.

We show our value in action

Our number one priority is to do right by our clients, and our Sales Managers will never upsell the client just for the sake of upselling.
Our Software Engineers learn a new programming language if it suits the client’s project.
Our QA Engineers always speak up about bugs so that the client launches a quality product.
Our DevOps Engineers design innovative infrastructure that requires minimum support.
Our Recruiters look for two things in new engineering hires: out-of-this world talent and strong alignment with our company values.
Our Business Analysts interview the client multiple times until they get a good grasp of the issue.

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