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Our clients are industry leaders, paving the way for better customer experiences, streamlined business operations, increased revenue, and a higher quality of life for their employees and clients. Take a look at some of these case studies that demonstrate how custom software powers innovation, because no matter what field you’re in today, the only constant is change.

Ultimate Social Media
Manager for Photographers

A photographer approached us to build a web-based software platform that combines the fastest social media manager with state-of-the-art galleries and provides the ultimate tool for photographers to upload, store, back up, and share their photos and manage their SMM activities.
The new platform is an integrated workspace that combines clean, elegant design and a modern, user-friendly interface with robust functionality and features. The application offers integration with all the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest.
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Drug Reviews
Automation Tool

A customer approached Syberry for support building a web-accessible, software-as-a-service application designed to provide stakeholders in formulary decision processes in the United States with a highly-efficient, scalable, usable, and distributable monograph and formulary-creation product that amalgamates disparate information from several sources into a single interface.
It effectively addresses critical needs and challenges associated with creating drug monographs and automates much of the creation process. With just a few clicks, the platform populates monographs with current and accurate content from reputable sources, allowing clinical pharmacists to focus on the critical evaluation of drugs rather than monotonous data entry.
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CMS for Schools
and Colleges

The new solution is a secure, cost-efficient, turnkey software system combined with support and hosting service — all specifically designed for schools, colleges, and universities. The system creates an outsourced web communication platform that enables schools to focus on the task of educating students.
The platform helps school districts and colleges create easy-to-manage websites, providing the design, web management tools, and support needed to stay up to date with website technologies. Interactive web features allow for teacher pages, staff and faculty directories, event calendars, e-newsletters, news and press release management, blogging, podcasting, FAQs, form builders, and RSS feeds.
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Expert Teeth
Whitening Network

A startup approached us with the idea of developing a platform to connect teeth whitening service providers with potential customers. The solution is an easy and smart application that aggregates information from different qualified service providers and displays it on a map based on an end user’s geographic location.
This allows users to schedule and pay for teeth whitening appointments online through a variety of providers, minimizing both paperwork and wait time. Furthermore, the platform provides a reliable new source of clients for service providers.
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